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Aerodis: Flight club located in the south of Spain dedicated to the Aircraft Rental

What is Aerodis?

Aerodis is an Flight Club located in the south of Spain, based on the Velez-Málaga Aerodrome (Málaga), Villarrubia Aerodrome (Córdoba) and the Trebujena Aerodrome (Cádiz), which performs Aircraft Rentals.

Aircraft Rental

If you need to rent a plane to go anywhere or because you want to make a flight through the south, we have several planes at your disposal.
At Aerodis Flight Club we believe that safety comes first, so one of our pilots will accompany you to offer you the necessary assistance and safety with the airplane during the flight.
This service we offer for free, “safety pilot included”.

Ask us about our price fares that will depend on the type of aircraft and flight time. The cost of the aircraft’s rent will be added to the rates established at each aerodrome or airport.
The price we offer is for two people+ our safety pilot.