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Saf National Partnership Agreement


Ali Faizan Syed, Director of SAF International, added: «SAF is ideally positioned in the market to deliver Eco-Tec solutions that deliver customer benefits by optimizing production and reducing costs and improving process stability and sustainability.» «The previous agreement helped establish the NSW government`s Smart and Skilled program, which has restored confidence in the vocational training sector and means that apprentices can take subsidized training in courses that lead directly to employment opportunities.» I commend the Commonwealth government for working with the NSW Liberals and nationals to conclude this pioneering funding agreement,» said Mr. Barilaro. «The partnership announced today with the federal government ensures that NSW will continue to have a high-quality, trustworthy vocational training sector that will provide young workers with the opportunities and training opportunities they need to develop a rewarding career,» he said. Barilaro said the NSW government, in collaboration with the federal government, negotiated up to $500 million through a five-year contract to train the next generation of apprentices and interns. S.M. Faizan Jamil Technical Sales Engineer SAF International «The Commonwealth`s commitment to NSW of up to $500 million over five years under the new National Partnership Agreement will help us meet the skills needs of businesses and prepare our future workforce,» he said. . The AFN includes projects managed under the National Land Transport Act 2014 (NLT Act). Each state has a separate timetable for the AFN, which indicates the level of funding the Australian government intends to allocate to investments in land transport infrastructure. These schedules are updated annually according to the federal budget and as required.

The Australian government has put in place, under the new NPA, a framework for Aboriginal participation, which will apply to new road and rail projects. The framework provides for a national approach to increasing opportunities for Aboriginal job seekers and businesses involved in the implementation of publicly funded land transportation infrastructure projects. Read Hon Karen Andrews MP`s full press release: «NSW is leading vocational training in signing the new agreement because we know how important the skilled workforce is to the future prosperity of this state.» More and more students, parents and teachers recognize that vocational training opens doors to rewarding careers and lifestyles. The National Partnership Agreement for the Skilling Australians Fund provides the NSW government with access to up to $500 million through a $5 million fund through a five-year contract and will directly support training opportunities for apprentices and apprentices in NSW.