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2. Negotiate; to enter into a mutual agreement between two or more persons. We fought for a shipment of flour; or we have a contract with a farmer with a lot of food. 3. The writing which contains the agreement of the parties to the general conditions of sale and which serves as proof of the commitment. I like the word of the day. I use this app every day. Reviews 5/5 stars. I recommend it to everyone I know. To know. is one of the best reference apps of all time, but I couldn`t find an American version. Apart from that, it`s ideal for high school or college students.

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An agreement or undertaking between two or more persons in which each party undertakes to perform or be subject to an act and each party acquires a right in what the other promises; a mutual promise of lawful consideration or a promise of consideration or lawful cause that binds the parties to performance; a good deal; a compact.. .