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Success of Airbus and Boeing in Le Bourget


The struggle between the two giants is settled in tables

Completed the 50th Paris Air Show, it is necessary to mention resounding success for the two giants of the aviation sector. Airbus and Boeing have closed contracts worth 52,000 and 50,000 million, respectively, to be developed over the next decade.

The Paris event provided an opportunity to test the success of the new stakes of both companies: the Airbus A350 XWB, with last included in Le Bourget on the last day of event is being held which began test flights last week, and the Boeing 787- 10 Dreamliner, whose family does not accompany luck lately. Repeated incidents however, not dented buyers: 50 firm commitments for 10,000 million euros, and 52 interim orders, subject to the approval of the respective shareholders’ meetings. The new aircraft will not be delivered until 2018.

Meanwhile, Airbus has managed to sign definitive agreements for 90 of these A350 by more than 20,000 million euros, airlines like Air France, Singapore Airlines and United Airlines, and so far this year has more than 600 orders.

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