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Brussels to Malaga without a ticket


A Belgian 12 year old boy has managed to evade security checks at Brussels airport and traveling alone without ticket or identity documents to Malaga on a regular flight, sources reported Saturday the Civil Guard.

The child was already captured in the city of Málaga by an agent of the military institution, which struck his erratic motion by the Andalusian city airport.

The spokesman Brussels National Airport, Nathalie Van Impe, said the broadcaster RTBF that airport authorities will investigate how the child could enter the plane, since it is not permitted to minors traveling alone without authorization.

In addition, the young man could also cross the police and security control without boarding pass or documentation.

The spokesman for the airline Jetair, Florence Bruyère, meanwhile confirmed that the child took a flight of that company, and said they will study “where there has been failure of security.”

As reported by the Belgian media, the boy decided to exit class on Thursday not go home and head to the airport in the Belgian capital, without informing their parents.

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